THE ENCOURAGING WORD - Ninety second radio spots that will encorage you in your faith...

THE ENCOURAGING WORD - these are ninety second radio spots that have been recorded for broadcast on Christian radio stations and the "World Wide Web."  They remind us to remember God's Word.  No matter how good things are - or how bad they can be - we have the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to comfort and encourage us in our relationship with Jesus Christ as we interact with the world around us.  As Believers we need to allow God's Word to interpret what is happening in the world.  "Let God be right and every man be proven wrong."  God the Father did the creating and He made the rules, so let's encourage one anther to live a life pleasing in the sight of God according to His Encouraging  Word.  The more we read the Word, the more the Holy Spirit has to bring to rememberence when we need counsel and direction, remembering that our understanding and wisdom comes from the Scriptures.

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